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Smart Fish Culture Practices

Isolation...Biosecurity...Clean Water

The FARMER -- The Arkansas Certification Program begins with a commitment from the farmer. A commitment to farm operations dictated by sound scientific principles established to prevent the contamination and spread of diseases and aquatic nuisance species. 

The FARM -- Each farm is inspected by a specially trained Arkansas Agriculture Department inspector to insure that farms use only well water for all ponds, tanks, and shipping containers. Inspectors conduct a visual inspection of the farm for aquatic nuisance species during appropriate times of year and observe farm operations to verify strict adherence to farm biosecurity standards.

The FISH -- Only fish spawned, hatched, and reared on a fish farm in Arkansas can be certified. Twice per year, fish from all areas of the farm are sampled by an APHIS-accredited veterinarian and transported to an approved laboratory for disease testing. To achieve and maintain certification, a farm must demonstrate two consecutive years of disease free status.